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30'000 FEET

The Coffee that Makes the Difference

A coffee roasted to enjoy on the ground and beyond

After selecting the best coffee in the world, we carefully roast it to express the best taste and aromas to bring you a unique experience.

On the ground you will experience a trip that each coffee will bring with its own aromas but, as these aromas are subtle and the complexity of each bean is accompanied by natural bitterness and sourness, while flying, due to the unique conditions in the cabin, the coffee will lose up to 30% of its quality.

Due to this, we have developed different roasting profiles in order to ensure that the inflight experience will be as enjoyable as on the ground.

Therefore, you can offer a unique cup of coffee to your clients, the rarest, the best, the most exotic and most exclusive coffee in the world…and roasted in Switzerland.

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& Quality

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Fond abstrait ondulé

The only speciality coffee developped for VIP aircraft 

In-Flight tested, our coffee tastes the same on the ground as it does in flight. Your customer will enjoy his coffee with the same aromas in his villa, his yacht, his office or his plane.

The best coffees in the world

The rarest coffees in the world are offered for a unique experience.

Customizable to each client

The stamp is personalized with the image of the type of aircraft and the registration.

Individualized roasting for a single product

We can make a personalized roast according to the customer's taste.

In caps or freshly 

Our coffee is delivered freshly ground or in Nespresso® compatible biodegradable capsules

Carlos Salamanca

Impasse des Pommiers 46

1462 Yvonand


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